Projector tech stuff

We got our brand spanking new projector set up. It’s got full HD resolution (1920×1080), and the lumens value (telling us how strong the light is) is 2000 ANSI. We absolutely adore it, but there’s a ‘but’.

Bit of free advice for those planning on starting up their own outdoor screenings here: if you’re on a tight budget, it’s better to sacrifice resolution for lumens – having for example 4500 ANSI lumens from your 1024×768 projector means you can start a little earlier in the evening, and the difference in resolution is only noticeable to the picky few.

On to building a shading stage for the screen now!

Solar Panel installed

A 230 W solar panel providing power for a 270 W projector, meaning that from two hours of sunlight in the daytime we get one and a half hour of film projected at night. We plan on adding panels to the cinema from year to year, so the capacity will grow continually.

For those curious about the efficiency of solarpanels, a 230 W solarpanel at 1,5 squaremeters will produce about 900 times its’ wattage in a year, so:

230×900=207000 or 207 kWh. per year

(and that gives us 767 hours of  projected film per year)