Post-industrial Fieldtrip

The Sunshine Socialist Cinema arranges occasional fieldtrips. In nearby Nyvång and Åstorp, just next to the E4 motorway, lies a slagheap atop what used to be the largest coalmine in Sweden. The mine was active between 1911 and 1966.

When the mine was open, about 400 people worked here underground, and 100 people aboveground. There’s a small museum in the building that sits on top of the miningshaft.

The slagheap has been declared a landmark and part of our cultural heritage.

More recently, the slagheap hosted a dinosaur themepark, Dinoland, which presented around 30 lifesize models of dinosaurs.

One of the carts from the themepark sports two pairs of re-used wheels.

Previously placed on two separate mining carts, possibly.

The dinosaur themepark has also closed down. It’s featured as one of the sites in the upcoming film Äta sova dö (Eat sleep die) by Gabriela Pichler.

For our studygroup, this site gets to represent an attempted transition from industrially based local economy to one based on culture and entertainment. A slideshow of images from the slagheap was presented at one of our screenings this summer.



During screenings, we will also try to exhibit posters at various places in the garden. The screenprinted poster showing the technical setup – from solarpanel via battery to projector – comes in two versions:

Marking the entrance

On the porch rail

You can see the influence of Buenos Aires street advertising in our yellow-red screenprinted poster above. Another poster, originally made by Kristina Müntzing for her outdoors installation TO: FROM:, is designed by graphic maestros All The Way To Paris, and features an interview with artist and filmmaker Julian D’Angiolillo. Julian has written the book La Desplaza about the grey economy in Parque Rivadavia, a park in Buenos Aires. This park is where we first came across the Cine Libre Parque Abierto, which was a big influence on our own outdoors cinema. The poster takes the form of a wall-newspaper, and is titled New Rooms For Social Exchange/Intimacy In Public Space.

On the door to the basement where the toilet is found

On the door of the garage

In future seasons, the cinema will try to commission new posters by invited artists, or exhibit existing works by artists who might fit a given theme. More info on this will appear forthwith!