Open Call!

Our first attempt at an Open Call for films was aborted early on, but we’ll return to it in the future. We just weren’t ready for handling it at the time. Our second attempt was a bit more specified – we called for films from the struggle to save the Ojnare forrest from exploitation by the mining industry, and this time the call went out from both local institutions and media, which resulted in us receiving a number of fantastic films (link). In the future, we’ll post information about any upcoming Open Call right here.

Here’s how the first Call went:

The Sunshine Socialist Cinema launches its’ first Open Call during the open studios at IASPIS in Stockholm on September 21, asking the public to submit films

made in the workplace, or documenting the nature of the contemporary workplace, or highlighting conflicts in the workplace, or presenting alternative solutions and organizations of the workplace, or portraying the collective of the workforce, or in short: films from the workplace.

The Open Call welcomes all contributors, and we will screen all submitted films so long as they are judged to relate to the theme. We will not be able to award fees to submitted films at this point.

Submissions can be sent in formats such as Quicktime, Avi, DVD-folder, and H264 with MP4 codec. Please include a short text describing the work. We accept submissions over the next eight months, October 2012 to May 2013, and will start screening submitted films from August 2013. Screenings will take place in our main location, at Höja landsväg 293 outside Ängelholm in Skåne. The format of the screenings depends on the number of received submissions. Send all submissions either as download links from virtual drive or hardcopy via regular mail. Email links to hotkalle2001(at) or send hardcopy to Brolin-Müntzing at Höja landsväg 293, S-26293 Ängelholm, Sweden.

The Sunshine Socialist Cinema is non-profit, has free entrance, and courts local organizations in order to attract an audience which is invested in the themes of our program.

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