DVDs In The Library

As we are now officially registered as a non-profit organization, our reference library has been able to include DVDs to be used for research and educational purposes, that is, DVDs donated or sold only to institutions. Visitors to the library can’t borrow them home, but you can watch the films on site, for research purposes.


Four DVDs were donated by the University of Bayreuth, with many thanks to professor Ute Fendler and her associates. They contain (among other things) 30 episodes of the Kuxa Kanema newsreels, made in Mozambique during the 1970’s.

Makwayela DVD

We have also managed to aquire a DVD of the film Makwayela, made by visual anthropologist Jean Rouch and cultural attaché Jaques D’Arthuys. The film was recorded outside a factory in Maputo in Mozambique in 1977. Parts of the dialogue are in Portuguese, and we are at the moment trying to get those translated into English and Swedish. Other parts of the dialogue are in Fanakalo, “a secret language, created from Zhangane, Zoulou and English passed on from generation to generation”, according to the distributors, CNRS Images. The Fanakalo we will not attempt to translate, it is probably meant to remain secret. The DVD is for institutional use only, but we have also aquired a license to screen the film in our cinema as part of the program for the coming season.

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