Early attempt at solarpowered outdoor cinema. In Shiryaevo the House of Culture was closed to the public, so we built a cinemascreen for the lawn outside, and used the sun as a projector for a shadow theatre. Pictured is our recreation of the first frame of the first film made by Sergei Eisenstein, after he quit agitprop street theatre and  turned to film instead. Ctayka, meaning Strike, performed by the kids of Shiryaevo for the 2011 biennale.

ABF 100 years

We’re attending two talks today at ABF, the Swedish workers educational movement, one on the responsibility of intellectuals in society today (17.00-18.30) and one on contemporary workingclass art (19.00-20.30). Tomorrow we’re checking out the display of solarpanels by EgenEl/ETC (11.00-20.00).

All part of the program!

If you want to meet up during these two days, drop us a line.