XOLA! On A Bike

The second screening of the films from the XOLA! workshop were done with the Bicycle Cinema of RåFILM. Two bikes welded together support the filmscreen and the battery powered projector. Sometimes the Bicycle Cinema cruises slowly through the neighborhoods, allowing the audience to walk leisurely along while watching. Looking a bit like a demonstration following a banner.


On this particular night, the Bicycle Cinema was operated by Talat Bhat, Damir Radovic, Roushan Illahi, Anna Klara Åhrén and Alex Veitch.


This screening of the films from XOLA! was also part of the exhibition Malmös Leende, produced by Statens Konstråd.


All images by Talat Bhat, used with permission

Follow the projects of RåFILM here

Read about the exhibition Malmös Leende here

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