XOLA! For Backpack Punks

Time for the third screening of the films from our XOLA! workshop. This will be our ‘Now Form A Band’-format, also known as our Backpack Cinema. Films will be screened with a smallsize pico projector which has an internal battery, making it highly portable. Projection surfaces will be ad hoc and DIY. Beginning around 19.00, on Saturday October 1:st at the roundabout in Möllan, Malmö. The screening is part of the workshop curriculum, meaning the audience also gets to sit in on a talk by journalist Frida Sandström.

Frida Sandström writes both as artist and journalist. She often writes about art and the work of artists, about difficulties and strategies. She is particularly interested the construction and performance of talks and interviews, and in who gets to be included in these. Frida Sandström is a member of the editorial board of the art magazine Paletten, and often writes for Kunstkritikk and Feministiskt Perspektiv.

The screening is also part of the exhibition Malmös Leende, produced by Statens Konstråd.

Bonus info, from our Manual:



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