More XOLA!

We’re developing a workshop for politically motivated outdoor cinema producers. This fall there’ll be two workshops, one in Malmö and one in Gothenburg. In Gothenburg, the workshop is arranged for young activists and artists involved with the organization Pantrarna. In Malmö, the participants come from a variety of organizations for young people, gathered through Den Nya Konstutbildningen.

3D jubileum

The workshops will provide some basic technical know-how and some hands-on practice with doing outdoor screenings. We’ve talked a lot about what happens after the workshops, once we leave. What we’re trying to do is make it as feasible as possible for the participants to continue without us there. This means that we’ll be leaving technical equipment behind, for the participants to continue using, but also that we’ll try to introduce them to existing local networks, for example.

The workshop has grown out of our work with a presentation called To Own The Means Of Image Production, and with our Manual – info on both can be found here on the blog.

As a socialist cinema, we’re happy to say that both workshops are funded by the state, through The Public Art Agency, or Statens Konstråd. Special thanks to Edi Muka, Isak Mozard, Martì Manen, and Joanna Zawieja at Statens Konstråd! Both workshops are also produced in collaboration with Konstfrämjandet, the art wing of the people’s movements in Sweden. Special thank you’s to Lisa Nyberg and Kim Einarsson from Konstfrämjandet!

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