The Electrification Of Hoja (V)

Some resources and links in case you wish to learn more about Russian Cosmism…


Our reference library has more than doubled its’ number of books since last summer. All the books are available for loaning, if you happen to live in the village of Hoja. One of the new additions is The Russian Cosmists, researched and written by George M. Young.

Meanwhile, on the www:

Marina Simakova writes about contemporary artists influenced by Nikolai Fedorov and his followers, and suggests a couple of explanations for why there’s a growing interest in these ideas: a demand for images and thoughts on the universal; an unresolved relationship to the future; the confluence of anthropocentrism and ecocentrism, or humans as caretakers of the world rather than exploiters…

Link >

Boris Groys writes about Cosmism, and its’ influencing artists and writers throughout the 20:th Century. The text was presented at last year’s Venice biennale. There’s a mention of the opera Victory Over The Sun which has us especially fascinated – a brief quote:

The opera celebrated the extinction of the sun and the descent of cosmos into chaos, symbolized by the black square that Malevich painted for the first time as part of the scenography for the opera.

Link >

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