The Electrification Of Hoja (I)

The Electrification of Hoja, or Höja (using the Swedish spelling), took place in 1916. Local farmers formed an association to pay for a power line, connecting the village to the national electricity grid. As the amount of electricity received was not enough for the needs of all the homesteads involved in the association, a schedule for the use of electricity had to be written, and farmers had to take turns powering their equipment.

Hoja karta elledning 1916  200kb

Map from 1916, showing the extension of the power line

As 2016 marks the 100-year jubilee of the Electrification of Hoja, we’ve decided to make this the underlying theme of this year’s screening in the cinema. The program will be presented here on the blog over the next few days. The jubilee screening will take place during the first week of August, but the exact date will be set when we see the weather prognosis.

In addition to a number of films, we’ve also booked a performance by musician (and regular visitor to the cinema) Torgny Handreck. Check out his amazing loop pedal performance here >

More coming soon!

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