XOLA’s out for the summer

XOLA! is a workshop aimed at young people who want to learn more about outdoors cinemas and what to possibly do with them. Our first version will be launched in Malmö this September, in collaboration with a number of organisations – Statens Konstråd, Den Nya Konstutbildningen, Konstfrämjandet, Kontrapunkt, and RåFILM, with possibly more to come. A flyer announcing the workshop has just been posted by Den Nya Konstutbildningen and will be circulated during the summer; interested parties can get in touch via Lisa Nyberg at this www

For us in the SSC, the workshop is a way of gradually making ourselves redundant; we’d like to see a lot of different takes on solarpowered socialist cinemas in the future. All part of the five year plan!

a4 flyer


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