Power And Powerlessness (II)

The screening at Tempo documentary film festival takes place on March 10:th at 20.00. The site of the screening will be under the northern end of the Liljeholmen Bridge, near Tanto in Stockholm – the same site where we screened Koyaanisqaatsi in 2014. Catrin Lundqvist from Moderna will be on site to handle introductions. Hot beverages will be served.


Gillian Wearing, Bully, 2010
© the artist, courtesy Fly Film and Maureen Paley, London
This work was born out of Gillian Wearing’s first feature film Self Made (2010). Under the supervision of Sam Rumbelow – an acting teacher specialised in method acting – nine amateur actors work on an improvisation exercise about bullying among youths. In a cathartic act, James, a former victim, directs the scenic tableau based on his own memory of an actual situation that happened to him. He gets more and more carried away by the emotions of the situation. When, towards the end, he accuses the actors of being responsible for his still persisting panic attacks in real life, it becomes clear that the separation between reality and fiction is blurred and the person acting and the role acted out can no longer be clearly separated.

2 thoughts on “Power And Powerlessness (II)

    • We love to get requests from the audience! Can’t always accomodate them, but always try to take them into consideration. This specific film block won’t be shown at our main facility in Höja in its’ current form, but some of the videos in it might appear in new constellations. We’ve already shown the video by Saskia Holmkvist in Höja, for example. This coming summer, we’re plannning a program to coincide with the 100-year jubilee of the electrfication of Höja, but the only video that’s 100% confirmed and booked is a work by Armin Linke – our first 3D screening by the way.

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