In the Gothenburg Art Biennale (part two)


Photo by Dorota Lukianska

For the opening weekend of the Gothenburg Art Biennale, we presented two connected works. One was the yellow van which housed the Newsreels from the Gothenburg Commune, playing on a big plasma screen. The other was a series of outdoor filmscreenings, which took place on the deck of a boat at the Quay of Dreams. The van has since been removed from the program by the biennale organisers, due to a lack of staff.

Reviews have been published, some mentioning the yellow van, some mentioning the outdoor screenings.

(This review was written by Magnus Bons during the opening weekend, when the van was still a part of the biennale.)

(This review was written by Jacob Lillemose after the opening weekend, when the van had been removed from the biennale program.)

(Ulrika Stahre mentions the van.)

(Sinziana Ravini mentions the outdoor screenings.)

We also got a nice article about the Cinema in ETC Magazine (Gothenburg edition), written by Frida Sandström.


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