First Screening Of The Year Of The Dog

Our first screening of the year takes place in the yard of the regional museum and konsthall of Kristianstad, on the night of May 18. The talk and the screening begins at 22.30 and lasts for about an hour.

biosphere heapWater strategy: scramble for altitude

The screening follows a concert by Gaby and the Guns, and is part of an introduction to the project Man and Biosphere:

“Man and Biosphere, precarious situations, is an interdisciplinary, site specific project initiated by Caroline Mårtensson in cooperation with Kristianstads Konsthall and Naturum Vattenriket and together with a coregroup consisting of the artists Terje Östling, Nilsmagnus Sköld, Malin Lobell and the political scientist Johannes Stripple, as well as an external network of researchers and community workers. The project is based on the biosphere reserve of Kristianstad Vattenrike, -2.32 m below sea level, which means that the situation in relation to a changing climate is precarious. Part of climate psychology means that we need local examples to understand and take in what is happening globally.” – Quoted from the website of artist Caroline Mårtensson.

The regional authority Länsstyrelsen Skåne employs water strategists and have issued maps of the region of Skåne, showing what the waterlevels will be like in 100 years time. These maps are the basis for our introductory talk before the screening of the films in Kristianstad. Check out their work at link.

More info on the screening coming up shortly, including presentations of the videos in the program.