Summer Prog (I)

And we’re back.

This summer we’re doing a couple of screenings at our main facility in Höja. The program will include art videos and films from Lebanon, Yugoslavia, France, Turkey, from the early 1970’s up to the present. We’ll begin introducing them here on the blog over the next week, so check back for more details. First up: Lindsay Seers.

Lindsay Seers has produced four short films for Channel 4’s broadcast commision 3 Minute Wonders, which  were aired in 2010. The films chart certain aspects of her life and artistic practice, related through a myriad of tales told by those who have known her.

3mw strip numbers 800

“Lindsay Seers uses a combination of performance, film and installation to create highly personal narratives that interweave influences from history and literature and concepts from philosophy. Her works are all founded on truths that are established through both the act of performing and the effect of filming.” – quoted from the Channel 4 website.

Part one (Serios/Seers) features an occult photography expert who recalls meeting psychic photographer Ted Serios and how this led him to the work of Lindsay Seers. Ted Serios claimed to be able to create photographic images solely by ‘projecting his thoughts’ onto film.

In part two (The Necromancers) a theatre director talks about the pervasive  influence of Seers’ aunty Barbara, a female ventriloquist, and her Uncle Patrick, a stage performer with alternative personas.

Part three (The Paramnesiac) recounts the total memory loss of Seers’ stepsister Christine after a moped accident which makes her confuse her identity with that of the seventeenth century Queen Kristina of Sweden.

Finally, part four (The Projectionist) witnesses Seers’ journey unfold towards becoming a performance artist. She talks intimately of her inability to speak until the age of 8 and of her photographic memory. In an act clearly linked to this troubled relationship to language, she later becomes a human camera, taking photographs with her mouth. Eventually, Lindsay Seers also attempts to become a human projector – “to move forwards in time emanating light”.

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To learn more about the work of Lindsay Seers, please visit her website.