We’re Back Online

kronartskocka 1Artichoke called Green Globe, technically not supposed to survive the Swedish winter, but now sprouting at the main facility of the Sunshine Socialist Cinema

After a lengthy winter break, we’re back in full force, both at the blog and in public space. Friday next week there’ll be a screening outside Kristianstad Konsthall, with three videos and a talk on the future flooded landscape of Scania. More info over the next few days, right here at the blog.

kronartskocka 2

Another artichoke sprouting. Technically, again, our part of the country went straight from what is termed meteorological autumn to meteorological spring (seven days straight with rising average temperatures between 0 and 10 degrees C), without any winter inbetween.

Coming up at the blog, finally, are the first three texts from various writers on the theme of what a socialist cinema could potentially be, and do, and mean. We’re very excited to launch this feature, which will reoccur periodically over the coming years. Our first three contributions come from John Jordan, Frida Sandström, and Lisa Rosendahl. It’s all part of our ongoing discussion on how to develop what we do here at the Sunshine Socialist Cinema. Check back shortly for the first entry!

kronartskocka 3

Artichokes are grown in the communist utopia of Marinaleda in Andalusia since the tending of them is quite labor-intensive, meaning that they create job opportunities – Marinaleda has virtually no unemployment, whereas the rest of Andalusia has an unemployment rate of 24 % (2018 Q1).


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