In The Soil And The Structure


During the symposium From Soil To Structure, the Sunshine Socialist Cinema presents a program of films chosen by artist Hans Carlsson. The films were produced by Höganäsbolaget and belong to the archive that is administrated by the Stawfordska Association in Höganäs. The films selected by Hans Carlsson can be perceived as layers, not so different from the archives created in the ground – in soil and coal. Sediments in the soil display an overview of time and how the activities at the Höganäs company have developed over decades. Fossils of plants are compressed in layers of charcoal while mineworkers mark their names in the walls of a mine that soon will be flooded by the groundwater.  Mud is used for firing bricks; and bricks explode to dust when a chimney is torn down. The picture above was taken in a cinema located in a coalmine in Höganäs, where some of these films were first shown.

The screening takes place on Thursday June 4th. Films shown include:

Stenkolens utvinning (1934)
Operation is (1959)
Schakt Gustaf Adolf i Höganäs efter att det stängts (ca 1961)
Höganäs Eldfast (1986)
Skorstensfällning ångcentralen (year unknown)

From Soil to Structure is a two-day program of artistic gestures and discussions around soil and urban memories. Artists, urban gardeners, residents and researchers will meet to experience, discuss as well as taste a specific moment in history. Participants include Elin Wikström, Raketa, Parvin Ardalan, and more. The event is part of the research project Living Archives, K3/Malmö university funded by the Swedish Research Council. For more info, location etc., check these links:

Facebook event

Living Archives

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