A Coalmine In The Garden

Wednesday October 22:nd, we’re presenting our work and collected materials on specific aspects of the coalmining industry in northwest Scania (nordvastra Skane). The presentation will be held in a greenhouse in the central park Slottstradgarden in Malmo.

Pa kolgruvornas tid

spread from På Kolgruvornas Tid, edited by Brita Hardenby

The brilliant and angry poet Elsa Grave grew up in Nyvang, in a garden next to the slagheap and the mining shafts. In the open archive of Swedish television there’s a film in which she speaks of her childhood environment (about ten minutes into the film):


The slagheap in Nyvang and the closed down dinosaur theme park placed upon it was the subject of our first post-industrial fieldtrip, previously covered on the blog here.

We’ve also collected films recorded during the 1940’s, the Klondyke-period of the coalmines, when private citizens opened coalmines in their gardens and farmlands. Read about The Klondyke-period in an article from Ny Teknik here.

The first film was recorded by Billesholm Hembygdsforening in 1947. Billesholm I Helg Och Socken has a short segment on the private coalmines, with running commentary from a local historian. The second film was recorded by Hoganasbolaget Inc. in 1941-2. Det Svarta Guldets Klondyke has images from the early days of the Klondyke-period, when equipment  was sometimes primitive and ad hoc solutions were common. Current day Billesholm Hembygdsforening has a DVD of Billesholm I Helg Och Socken available from their website, and Stawfordska Stiftelsen are caretakers of the archives, including filmreels, at Hoganasbolaget Inc. The films made at Hoganasbolaget Inc. used to be screened in a special cinema, placed in a mine 100 meters below ground.

Read more about the event here.

About the organizers of the event, Living Archives here.

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