Small Improvements

We’re getting ready for this years’ first outdoor screening in our original location, the village of Höja in southern Sweden. It takes place on Sunday July 14 between 21.00-23.00. We’ll be showing the video Pirate by Annika Larsson followed by a documentary on the art-activist group Voina, Tomorrow by Andrey Gryazev. In the garden there’ll be posters from Formfront on display. We’ll be back with more info on these films shortly, plus some weather forecasts.

Meanwhile, some improvements made to the stationary setup since last year:

support beams

Diagonal supports for eliminating traces of wobbliness in the bleachers. And:

extra panels

Two extra solar panels, giving us a total of 720 Watts per hour under optimal conditions. Enough for the projector and our new soundsystem.

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