First Try For The Mobile Cinema

Munka 18 setup

The new setup: foldable screen, soundsystem, three batteries charged by solarpanel

Munka 9 setup

First stop: Munka Folk High School

Munka 8 setup

Podiums, parasols, recycled paper blankets

Munka 7 setup

People starting to arrive: students, former students, neighbours, friends

Munka 6 preparations

Front stairs of the school will be used as bleachers

Munka 10 setup

Frontal view

Munka 1 urinal

Old urinal re-tooled into a barbeque barrel

Munka 3 urinal

David Skoog, principal of the art school at Munka Folk High School

Munka 4 urinal

David Skoog working the barbeque barrel

Munka 17 intro


Munka 5 intro talk

Introducing the Slideshow

Munka 16 intro

Introducing the Future program

Munka 14 screening

View from the podiums

Munka 11 screening

We Have No Art begins

Munka 12 screening

David Skoog viewing from the top of the stairs

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