Solar Cinema and more

More and more solarpowered cinemas around the world! The Dutch project Solar Cinema is touring Latin America right now, setting up local solarpowered cinemas all over the continent.

Solar Cinema

Solar World Cinema

Servers seem to be down temporarily, but you can also check out their Rio-workshop on this blog.


Then there’s the Sol Cinema, “World’s smallest solar movie theatre”, housed in a caravan.

Sol Cinema

And Gorilla Cinema, which will “take film where it has never been before”.

Gorilla Cinema

There’s OneWay Theatre.

OneWay Theatre

And Groovy Movie Picture House Solar Cinema, “the world’s first mobile solar powered cinema”.

Groovy Movie Picture House


Finally, Swedish artist Ida-Britta Petrelius has worked out an ingenious art installation with solar powered projections.

Ida-Britta Petrelius


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