Solar Panel installed

A 230 W solar panel providing power for a 270 W projector, meaning that from two hours of sunlight in the daytime we get one and a half hour of film projected at night. We plan on adding panels to the cinema from year to year, so the capacity will grow continually.

For those curious about the efficiency of solarpanels, a 230 W solarpanel at 1,5 squaremeters will produce about 900 times its’ wattage in a year, so:

230×900=207000 or 207 kWh. per year

(and that gives us 767 hours of  projected film per year)

ABF 100 years

We’re attending two talks today at ABF, the Swedish workers educational movement, one on the responsibility of intellectuals in society today (17.00-18.30) and one on contemporary workingclass art (19.00-20.30). Tomorrow we’re checking out the display of solarpanels by EgenEl/ETC (11.00-20.00).

All part of the program!

If you want to meet up during these two days, drop us a line.